1.5 – 3.5 tonnes
LP Gas Counterbalance
4 Wheel Pneumatic Tyres


Outstanding performance…
exceptional value for money

Like every Mitsubishi product, our GRENDiA ES 1.5 to 3.5 tonne LPG range has been developed to deliver outstanding performance, unbeatable reliability and exceptional value for money.

Its energy-efficient features mean these models achieve class-leading fuel efficiency, while maintaining the highest levels of performance.

In part, this is down to a state-of-the-art management system, but also because we use industrial engines, rather than those adapted for the automotive market. The result? High-intensity performance and smooth-yet-rapid acceleration. And that’s not all. Because these machines are likely to spend some time indoors, that engine comes with a closed-loop three-stage catalytic converter which dramatically reduces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions – as well as 95% of dangerous Nox gases – making it the cleanest-running machine on the market.

Extending that cleanliness further, the GRENDiA ES incorporates – as standard – a factory-fitted belly guard that stops damaging dust and debris from getting caught in your engine and damaging it. This also prevents the ‘cyclone effect’, a phenomenon created by conventional IC engine trucks, where dust and dirt is sucked up and then circulated throughout your working environment.

Model Load Capacity
FG15N 1500kg
FG20CN 2000kg
FG20N 2000kg
FG25N 2500kg
FG30N 3000kg
FG35N 3500kg